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DE-LIDAR TF01 is a unidirectional laser rangefinder, which based on ToF (Time of Flight) technology. It is comprised of particular optical and electrical devices that makes it stable, high sensitivity and high precision. ToF is the abbreviation for Time of Flight. This is a distance measurement method that measure the time that it takes for an object. The distance value between object and sensor is easy to get by calculating the time difference or phase difference between emission and reflection, so does the in-depth information.

Figure 1: TF01 Optical Stimulation Light Path
The protection design of the TF 01 is based on the IP 65 level, which prevents it from the dust, water, and corrosion. It is anti-interferential from the strong light outdoors. It can work under 100K lux light without the interference from the temperature, humidity, light, electronics and airflow. High sensitivity, measuring distance up to 10 meters, accuracy in cm level.Scan frequency up to 500Hz, real-time detection of distance with a 500 times/second refresh rate for more accurate data. TF01 has a complete system, containing a protective shell made of materials with a high transmittance of infrared, which doesn't affect the optical performance.
Table 1: Optical Properties
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  • Unidirectional ranging LiDAR
  • Detection range: 10m
  • High sensitivity & High precision
  • 500Hz high-frequency sampling
  • Time of Flight (ToF) technology
  • IP Grade: IP63~65
  • Anti-light interference: work under 100kLux ambient light


  • Height fixing of drones, terrain following
  • Machine control, security sensor
  • Distance measurement


  • Detection Range: 0.3-10m
  • Accuracy: Centimeter-level (1% Relative error)
  • Measuring Speed: Default 100Hz (maximum: 500Hz)
  • Protection level: IP63-IP65
  • Light Resistance: Operate under ambient light of 100 kLux
  • Power: 5VDC, <200ma
  • Power: <1 W
  • Interface: UART/CAN
  • Weight: 55g


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