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This human body sensing switch adopts an infrared detection way to control load switch. It offers a detection range of 5~8m, high sensitivity, and reliability. 
The sensor has an adjustable delay function and the input and output voltages are the same. It is widely used in various automatic induction electrical equipment such as large bookcases, corridor lighting, light strip control, security products, industrial automation control, etc.
There is a knob on the back of the controller for setting the delay time. When a person is detected, the load light will be turned on. When the person has left for the set delay time, the load light will automatically go out.
Note: Connect the load line first, then the power wire, and make sure that there is no short circuit between the connecting lines before powering on.

Detection range of 5~8m
High sensitivity and reliability. 
Adjustable delay function

Automatic induction electrical equipment
Large bookcases
Corridor lighting
Light strip control
Security products
Industrial automation control

Working Temperature: -20°C~60°C
Power Supply Voltage: 3-32V
Output Voltage: 3-32V
Sensing Distance: 5~8m
Sensing Angle: 60 degrees
Static Power Consumption: <1W
Output Current: <6A
Delay Time: 1-10min
Output Power: 12V: <72W, 24V: <144 W
Dimensions: L76*W45*H35 mm / 2.99*1.77*1.38 inch
Packing Size: L104*W64*H41 mm / 4.09*2.52*1.61 inch
Weight: 50g

Shipping List
DC 12V/24V Infrared Body Sensor Switch x1

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