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Companion Parts Pack for Adventures in Raspberry Pi

This product has been discontinued by Adafruit, however Pimoroni have a version here

This is a companion kit for the wildly popular Adventures in Raspberry Pi book by Carrie Ann Philbin.  The book's a great beginner guide to the Raspberry Pi, and this kit includes the electronic components to do the interactive projects in the second half of the book. No soldering is required! It's plug and play and easy to try out the electronics adventures even if you've never done electronics in your life

This kit includes:

Please note: The book is not included. 

This is just the electronics parts pack, and is designed for people who already have Philbin's book and a Raspberry Pi Model B+! We don't include a Raspberry Pi Model B+, computer add-on pack, pi case, Raspbian SD card, or the Philbin book in this pack, but you can pick all of them up in the Adafruit store.  The book was written for the Model B which has been now been updated to the B+. All of these projects will work with BOTH the model B or model B+ and we've included a diagram on how to use the model B+ since the book primarily focuses on the Model B. If you are still using a Raspberry Pi Model B, you may want to also pick up a model B card

Carrie Anne Philbin is a high school computing teacher who advises the U.K. government on the revised ICT curriculum.  She teaches 11 to 15 year olds programming and system administration skills using the Raspberry Pi.  Her book coupled with our add-on pack is a great way to get any kid started!


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