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Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit with Lead-Free Alloy [SMD1NL]

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Removing SMD parts more complex than a resistor or SOT-23 can be a real bear. You want to get the part off without damaging traces, and if possible, without damaging the part either. You could haul out your hot air tool or you could go in surgically with this handy SMD Removal Kit from Chipquik - SMD removal is made easy! It uses a special metal alloy that bonds to your solder but stays liquid for a long time so can melt it over the existing pads and then remove with tweezers.

This is the lead-free alloy version, we also have a slightly less expensive not lead-free version.

In just four steps you're rocking and rolling:

  1. Apply flux [we used the Chipquick Tack Flux 10cc Syringe] to all leads of SMD
  2. Solder alloy uniformly on all pins of SMD
  3. Lift SMD or slide SMD from board
  4. Clean site with swab dipped in flux, solder wick, alcohol pad.
  5. **TADA**

Kit Includes:

  • 2.5 feet of lead-free Removal Alloy
  • 1x tube of No-Clean Paste Flux
  • 5x Alcohol wipes
  • Instruction sheet

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