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BTC Standing Base for M5 Core with DHT12


BTC is a M5 base that allows you sit your M5 core instead of laying them down or hang on the wall. BTC is not just a sit for holding the M5 core but also comes with serveral features like temperature and humiluty detection(by DHT12), and power seat.


  • This Base can be used as a seat for BASIC or GRAY, USBC thru BTC can only supply power to the M5core not actually charging the Lipo battery. Because the battery can only be charged thru IP5306 which is not inside BTC, the USBC power pin had connected to output 5v(VCC_5V) of IP5306 on M5core.

  • The DHT12 inside BTC share the same IO with GROVE PORTA. Extend ENV unit on GROVE PORTA gonna cause I@C adress conflict.

Product Features

  • DHT12 inside

Kit includes

  • Type-C USB Cable
  • M3 x 16
  • Screw Key




Arduino IDE

To get the code BTC.ino, please click here.

#include <M5Stack.h> #include "DHT12.h" #include <Wire.h> //The DHT12 uses I2C comunication.  void setup() {     M5.begin();     Wire.begin();     M5.Lcd.setBrightness(10);     Serial.println(F("ENV Unit(DHT12 and BMP280) test...")); }  void loop() {     float tmp = dht12.readTemperature();     float hum = dht12.readHumidity();     Serial.printf("Temperatura: %2.2f*C  Humedad: %0.2f%%\r\n", tmp, hum);      M5.Lcd.setCursor(0, 0);     M5.Lcd.setTextColor(WHITE, BLACK);     M5.Lcd.setTextSize(3);     M5.Lcd.printf("Temp: %2.1f  \r\nHumi: %2.0f%%  \r\n", tmp, hum);      delay(100); }



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