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Introducing Blue-Bot, the Bluetooth floor robot. This is a set of 6 Blue-Bots (TTSB485) and also includes a docking station, allowing you to charge 6 Blue-Bots or rechargeable Bee-Bots at the same time.
Using the app, Blue-Bot can now perform 45 degree turns alongside the traditional 90 degree turns which means children can program Blue-Bot to draw a variety of different shapes. The app has an explore mode which allows children to explore the wonders of programming whilst the challenges mode presents puzzles for the children to complete. You can still use Blue-Bot like your normal Bee-Bot, by programming on the robot itself. You can use your existing Bee-Bot mats with Blue-Bots and have an image of the mats on screen so you can replicate your program in real life. We have made classroom management as easy as possible by allowing you to rename each and every Blue-Bot to give it its own character. Blue-Bots Features:

Blue-Bot has a clear shell, which makes it possible to see the components inside Blue-Bot. Children can see its buzz!
Tablet or PC controlled floor robot
Program on the robot itself, or use the Blue-Bot app to program from a distance
Compatible with iOS and Android (see below for compatibility)
Capable of performing 45 degree turns and you can also include repetitions in your algorithm
Rechargeable and fits on the standard Bee-Bot Docking Stations
USB cable provided for recharging
Compatible with your existing Bee-Bot mats
Cross-curricular learning tool (curriculum resources are available)

The Blue-Bot Swarm appears in the following collections: