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Black Metallic-Look Plastic GH60 / 60% Keyboard Shell

Back in my day, if you wanted a mechanical keyboard, you had to purchase a massive IBM Model M Keyboard but now you can DIY your very own compact keyboards with your very favorite layouts to make the keeb of your dreams.

For all the DIY keebfans in the house here is a Black Metallic-Look Plastic GH60 Keyboard Shell. It's made of injection-molded plastic but it has a cyberiffic metallic-glitter look, and we dig the styled grooves as well

It's the perfect base to begin your custom keyboard project. It's also a lot less expensive than a milled & anodized aluminum shell. However, it won't be as heavy, durable, or flat. That said, it's a great starter shell, and nicer than the plain plastic ones we stock. You provide the PCB to match and bolt it into this base. It's also designed with a slot for a USB C power supply.

Comes with keyboard spacers and mechanical screw hardware. Four anti-slip bumper feet are pre-installed on the bottom of the keyboard shell.

Note: This is just the keyboard shell. Don't forget to grab some keycaps and switches.


The Black Metallic-Look Plastic GH60 / 60% Keyboard Shell appears in the following collections:

SKU AF-5132