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Introducing the NEO 5, the inaugural case tailored for the Raspberry Pi 5 by Argon40. Crafted from sleek aluminum alloy with eye-catching red accents, this case is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of active and passive cooling, ensuring optimal temperature management and a tranquil environment.

Equipped with a 30mm internal PWM blower fan, augmented by strategically placed intake and exhaust vents, the NEO 5 empowers you to push your Raspberry Pi 5 to its limits while letting the case take charge of cooling when necessary. When operating within standard parameters, the fan gracefully deactivates, seamlessly transitioning to passive cooling features to maintain a quiet ambiance.

Maintaining accessibility, the case allows for easy access to all ports, including the power button. Assembled with simplicity in mind, it offers a hassle-free setup process when combined with the Raspberry Pi.

Key Features:

  • Purposefully redesigned to cater to the specifications of the Raspberry Pi 5
  • Constructed from aluminum alloy, featuring a polished black & red finish for a visually striking aesthetic
  • Functions as an effective passive cooling solution for the Raspberry Pi 5's elevated demands
  • Effortless assembly with the Raspberry Pi for user convenience
  • Compact form factor for easy portability
  • Secure screw-on top cover to safeguard ports when not in use
  • Maintains accessibility to all Raspberry Pi 5 ports while ensuring device safety
  • Incorporates a 30mm internal PWM blower fan for active cooling
  • Includes passive cooling fins and strategically positioned exhaust vents
  • Features side air intake vents to enhance overall cooling efficiency
  • UPC: 6974297861856

The Argon NEO 5 Case for Raspberry Pi 5 appears in the following collections:

SKU PH-105800