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This is a DC 5.5mm*2.1mm female to USB Type-C male power adapter plug that can power your mobile phones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, and Lattepanda devices.

Note: This adapter does not change the power supply voltage. Please make sure that the input power supply parameters are consistent with that of the interface device required. If inconsistent, there will be a risk of burning out the device. You shall take the consequences of incorrectly connecting high voltage to your device.

  • Female: DC5.5mm*2.1mm
  • Male: Micro Type-C
  • Transmission Voltage: DC3-28V
  • Plug Service Life: ≥10000 times
  • Insulating Material: PVC flame-retardant material
  • Operating Temperature: -50~56°C
  • Fixing Method: in-line
  • Color: Black

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  • 5.5/2.1mm DC to Type-C Adapter
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