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We have ✅ 4 available of the PH-TPH-017 in our Sydney warehouse.

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HO HO H…old on a minute, are those RGB LEDs on that fancy tree over there?”
Yes it’s finally here – an RGB version of our incredibly popular 3D Xmas tree!
Fantastic for Christmas making or as a superb stocking filler for the lucky geek in your life, our RGB Xmas Tree features 25 super-bright, individually addressable RGB LEDs to create your own festive frenzy of colourful blinkyness!
Control each LED individually with your code - change the colours, set the brightness, fade the light in and out or turn them on and off. Combine all of this to create an impressive light show limited only by your imagination.
Designed by Rachel Rayns,the RGB Xmas Tree works with any 40-pin Raspberry Pi and looks extra special sitting on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero!. The side ‘branches’ are push fit, sliding into the main board without needing a single drop of solder!
Eat the turkey, have yourself a cheeky nap then enjoy your evening coding your very own colourful light sequence. Merry Christmas!
How does it work?
The RGB Xmas Tree is super easy to program thanks to the available libraries and provided examples:
  • Getting started
  • Change the brightness
  • Change the colour
  • Individual control
  • Random Sparkles
Assembly Instructions
Assembly instructions available here (skip to step 8): Make sure you don't place the Xmas Tree on your Raspberry Pi backwards. Power will go to the wrong places – and that’s just no fun at Christmas!
Software Installation
The super simple installation instructions are available on the dedicated GitHub page:

The 3D RGB Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi appears in the following collections: