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3.3V/5V power supply module for micro:bit

Since the micro-bit development board does not have a 5V power output pin, the USB-connected 5v voltage will automatically step down to 3.3V.

When the micro-bit needs to use a 5V power supply sensor module (such as ultrasonic, servo), it needs to use a micro-bit external power module to provide a 5V power output.


  • Breadboard power supply module kit for MB102 Breadboard, BBC MIcro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry PI.
  • With DC-005(2.1mm x 5.5mm) socket, 6.5v to 12v DC input, compatible with most power adapter.
  • With USB input, support to input from a computer or 5v power supply.
  • With Micro USB input, can connect to the most mobile phone charger.
  • Output voltages of 3.3V and 5.0V can be selected by jumper cap. Two-way power supply independent output.

The 3.3V/5V power supply module for micro:bit appears in the following collections:

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