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This TFT Touch Shield is Arduino/Crowduino/Arduino Mega compatible, it integrated a 2.8” TFT Display and a resistive touch panel, to make this shield suitable for handheld devices.

This TFT Touch Shield has 240x320 pixels with individual pixel control, it uses the ILI9341 driver and SPI interface to communicate with controllers such as Arduino, saving you much Arduino pins for other usages in your projects. Besides, A SD card socket is also added to help you develop applications that data storage is needed such as digital picture album.


  • LCD Driver: ILI9341
  • Backlight controllable
  • 65535 rich colors
  • SPI Communication
  • Voltage:4.8~5.5 V
  • Max Current: 200 mA
  • Resolution:320x 240
  • LCD Panel Size: 2.8”
  • Touch Mode: Resistance


ILI9341 Datasheet

Detailed Usage on Elecrow Wiki

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