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1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor for Raspberry Pi - Assembled (1m)

We have ✅ 117 available of the LB-LR-DIGI-TEMP-1M-A in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 100 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)

This is the Little Bird 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor for Raspberry Pi.

It is super duper simple to use and will get you up and running with environment sensing, data logging, and IoT applications... etc, in under a second! Forget fiddling around to figure out which pin goes where, just plug it atop the Raspberry Pi as shown.
No need for breadboards, jumper wires, or any other bits and bobs! It comes in two choices: assembled and unassembled. 
Note: This is the 1m long version!

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Customer Reviews

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Very neat and easy temperature sensor to use on a Pi

It's just plug and play hardware-wise. Having the mounting socket with a pull-up resistor already set up means I didn't have to mess around finding pins or soldering anything. Fits neatly inside the official Pi Zero cases.

I haven't been able to confirm its accuracy, but they seem fine. I've had three sensors running side-by-side and had a consistent reading between them.

The only issue is that I don't trust the sensor cable relying on the 3 solder points in case it gets pulled. To make it more secure I just drilled a couple of small holes in the Pi case and cable-tied a bit of wire slack to the unit. Safe as houses!

Now to automate my entire house!