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This is a “5-track, 4-wave line” digital storage oscilloscope for general-purpose electronic engineering tasks and it is based on the ARM Cortex M3 core. 
The oscilloscope uses FPGA to manage the external ADC’s control and data cache mode. It provides 4 application partitions for loading and upgrading up to 4 different application firmware. The built-in 8MB USB flash drive allows users to conveniently store waveforms and upgrade the system firmware. 
Mini size, lightweight, portable, and handheld; Just about 1/62 of the size of a benchtop oscilloscope; All operations can be done with 4 buttons + 2 encoders. 
Up to 100M Sa/s real-time sampling rate instead of the equivalent sampling rate. 
4 input channels, 2 digital + 2 analog channels; 1 output channel. Each channel can be freely switched; Supports user-defined outputs like waveform, frequency, duty cycle, etc., suitable for various occasions. 
The waveform data can be stored, and the waveform analysis and comparison are more efficient and intuitive; +2% voltage accuracy and +1‰ frequency accuracy; Repeatedly polish the front-end analog circuit to optimize the noise floor to ensure accurate and reliable measurement. 
It is suitable for experimental teaching in schools, electronic maintenance, engineering applications, and so on. 

Based on the ARM Cortex M3 core
Mini size, lightweight

Experimental teaching in schools
Electronic maintenance
Engineering applications

CPU: ARM Cortex M3
FIFO & Control: FPGA
ADC: HWD9288-100
Analog Channels: 2 ([CH_A] [CH_B]) 
Digital Channels: 2 ([CH_C] [CH_D]) 
Operation Channel: INV [CH_A], INV [CH_B], [CH_A]+[CH_B], [CH_A]-[CH_B], [CH_C]&[CH_D], [CH_C] | [CH_D]
Vertical Sensitivity: 10mV-10V/div (1-2-5 STEP) (using X1 probe) 
      100mV-100V/div (1-2-5 STEP) (using X10 probe)
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
Sample Memory Depth: 4 channels, 4*4K
Coupling: DC, AC
Max Input Voltage: ±40Vpp (using X1 probe) 
      ±400Vpp (using X10 probe)
Trigger Types: Ascend/Descend Edge Trigger Mode, Pulse Width Trigger, Logic Trigger
Trigger Mode: automatic, standard, single, instant scan
Signal Source: 
      Square wave: 20 gears 3Vpp signal source from 10Hz to 8MHz 
      Sine wave, triangle wave, sawtooth wave: 11 gears of 3Vpp signal source from 10Hz to 20KHz
File Storage Capacity: built-in 8M USB disk
File Storage Format: BMP, BUF, CSV
Automatic Measurement Type: maximum value, minimum value, peak-to-peak value, average value, effective value, frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle
Cursor Measurement: time value, amplitude value
Display Mode: 4 lines display: 
      Line 1: [CH_A], HIDE 
      Line 2: [CH_B], HIDE 
      Line 3: [CH_C], REC_1, REC _2, REC _3, REC _4, HIDE 
      Line 4: [CH_D], [CH_A]+[CH_B], [CH_A]-[CH_B], [CH_C]&[CH_D], [CH_C] | [CH_D], HIDE
Sampling Mode: real-time sampling
Sampling Rate: 100M Sa/s
Battery Power Supply: 1000mAh
Dimensions: 99.5mm (length) x58.5mm (height) x13.5mm (thickness)


Shipping List
Mini 4 Channel Oscilloscope x1
x1 / x10 Probe x2
USB Cable x1
Hex Wrench x1
Instruction x1

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