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Tessel is a microcontroller that runs JavaScript.

It's Node-compatible and ships with Wifi built in. Use it to easily make physical devices that connect to the web.


  •   Tessel supports packages from npm— that's HTTP, Twitter, web server, color, and async support right out of the box.
  •   Tessel runs JavaScript—no server necessary. Just like web or mobile development, use your own IDE and libraries to program physical applications.
  •   Tessel supports modules that add new capabilities to the board. It's literally plug, push, and play.
  •   Interact with the physical world from sensing to actuation to connecting with other devices. Combine multiple modules for unique experiences. Each module has a first-party open source library on npm, with instructions and tutorials available online.


  •   180mhz ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1830
  •   32mb SDRAM
  •   32mb Flash
  •   TI CC3000 WiFi radio
  •   20-pin GPIO bank for general prototyping
  •   Micro USB or battery power

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