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We have ✅ 2 available of the DF-DFR0921 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 196 units will be available shortly.

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Has it ever happened to you that you spent a lot of time ascertaining a problem when making projects and finally found out it was just caused by loose wiring? Then, what you may need is a terminal block shield like this!
The shield adopts terminal blocks to secure wires so as to make connections stable and reliable. And multiple 3.3V, 5V, and GND ports are provided for easy wiring. It can be powered by 7~24V voltage without an additional buck-down circuit. The onboard 18pin-FPC socket makes it convenient for connecting a screen. 
Board Overview

GDI 18pin-FPC

 | FPC PINS | Mega PINS | Description
|  VCC  |  5V  |  5V
|  BLK  |  D7  |  Backlight
|  GND  |  GND  |  GND
|  SCLK  |  D52  |  SPI clock
|  MOSI  |  D51  |  Host output, slave input
|  MISO  |  D50  |  Host input, slave output
|  DC  |  D2  |  Data/command
|  RES  |  D4  |  Reset
|  CS  |  D3  |  TFT Chip Select
|  SDCS  |  D6  |  SD card Chip Select
|  FCS  |  D25  |  Font library Chip Select
|  TCS  |  D5  |  Touch Chip Select
|  SCL  |  SCL  |  I2C clock
|  SDA  |  SDA  |  I2C data
|  INT  |  D19  |  INT
|  BUSY-TE  |  D24  |  ripstop pins
|  X1  |  D23  |  custom pin 1
|  X2  |  D22  |  custom pin 2
Stable and reliable connection 
Easy wiring

Commercial Project
Art Show

VIN Input Voltage: 7-24V DC
Max Load Power: 10W
Terminal Block Pitch: 3.5mm
Cable Size Range: 26AWG-16AWG
Wire Strip Length: 5mm
Screw: M2
Dimension: 101.5 *53.3 mm/4.00*2.10”

Shipping List
Terminal Block Shield for Arduino Mega x1 

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