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The solder vacuums are a great (and sometimes under appreciated) little tool for solder rework. They allow you to pull the molten solder out of a connection or via with ease. To use it you simply depress the plunger, heat up your solder, place the nozzle over the solder you want to remove and finally just push the button. The piston pops up and the solder disappears!

These solder vacuums were actually sent to us from our supplier by mistake. They have a blue and silver plastic body with a hard plastic nozzle and buttons. We have made them available at a drastically reduced price for anyone who could want to use one of these handy little tools.

Note: Since this product belongs to our “Ding & Dent” category, once we are out of stock, we will not carry it again. Get them while you can!

The Plastic Solder Vacuum appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-DD-14759