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We have ✅ 1 available of the DF-FIT0190 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 36 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
Surface mount device , SMD, resistors are the most widely used electronic component. They're designed to have small metal tabs that could be directly soldered to the surface of the PCB.It makes your design much smaller and compact than through-hole components. Because it needs fewer holes to be drilled.
This package includes 25 strip of 20 SMD resistors - 0805. It covers commonly used smd resistors.But due to the small sizes and lead spacings of many SMDs, soldering this smd resistors requires skilled operators and more expensive tools for your component-level repair or manual prototype assembly.


  • suitable for compact circuit boards
Warning:These strips are cut by hand, please forgive us if some strips come with 1 or 2 pieces less. On the plus side, you could get 1 or 2 pieces more :D


  • 620R-12K 5% 0805 resistors
  • 1/10th Watt
  • Size of resistors: 2.0x1.3mm (0.08x0.05 Inches)



  • 620ohmx20
  • 680ohmx20
  • 750ohmx20
  • 820ohmx20
  • 1Kx20
  • 1.2Kx20
  • 1.5Kx20
  • 2Kx20
  • 2.2Kx20
  • 2.4Kx20
  • 2.7Kx20
  • 3Kx20
  • 3.3Kx20
  • 3.6Kx20
  • 3.9Kx20
  • 4.3Kx20
  • 4.7Kx20
  • 5.1Kx20
  • 5.6Kx20
  • 6.8Kx20
  • 7.5Kx20
  • 8.2Kx20
  • 9.1Kx20
  • 10Kx20
  • 12Kx20

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