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We have ✅ 148 available of the LB-BK-LR0282 in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
This Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) can be used to easily measure ambient light with your Arduino or other board with analog input. You will need to set this up as a voltage divider with a resistor of around 10KΩ.

Maximum voltage: 150V, DC
Maximum wattage: 90mW
Operating temperature:  -30°C ~ 70°C
Spectral peak: 540nm
Bright resistance (10Lux) (KΩ): 5 - 10
Dark resistance: 0.5 MΩ
100λ10: 0.5
Response time: 20ms (Rise), 30ms (Down)
Resistance illumination: 2

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