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Finally a retro gaming case for the Raspberry Pi 4 has landed!

The Nes4Pi oozes retro goodness from every angle whilst keeping your Raspberry Pi 4 secure, cool and accessible. Inspired by the greatest 80's retro consoles, this case ticks the nostalgia box whilst hiding our favourite powerful micro-computer inside.

Full port access

The 'cartridge' flap at the front exposes the Pi's USB ports for attaching Retro USB Controllers, and helps keep your TV unit looking clean and tidy when not in use. The Raspberry Pi Ethernet port is also accessible via the flap if required. All other Raspberry Pi ports are accessible from the case, including a slot for the SD card.

Fan and heatsinks included

Inside, the built-in 35mm fan keeps your Raspberry Pi cool, attaching directly to the 5V and GND pins on the GPIO header.

The included adhesive heatsink set works in tandem with the fan to extract and remove heat via the vents on the side of the case. Rubber feet keep everything steady and reduce vibrations too!

Simple Assembly

The entire case simply clips together - all you need to do is use the included screws and screwdriver to secure your Raspberry Pi to the lower section, then push the case together. To open again, give the lower sides a gentle squeeze and pull apart.

Great as a gift

The case comes in a cool box which looks just like the case - which makes it great as a gift option for the retro gaming geek in your life! Combine with our Raspberry Pi 4 Retro Gaming Kit for the ultimate score of brownie points!

Note: Raspberry Pi 4 not included.

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SKU PH-103071