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Here comes the latest Argon ONE M.2 of the Argon ONE series. Supporting M.2 SSD and full-size dual HDMI, it is made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics and functionality.

The internally reserved M.2 interface expansion slot for M.2 module, which is then connected to your Raspberry Pi by USB adapter, allows you to maximize the true potential speeds of your Raspberry Pi. You will be able to boot via an M.2 SATA SSD for faster boot times and larger storage capacity. 

The shell adopts a sliding magnetic design, the top cover is magnetically detachable, and the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi are marked inside. The IO ports with different functions are marked in different colors, which is easy to distinguish and convenient to use.

There are heat dissipation columns inside the shell that are in contact with the Raspberry Pi, which is convenient for transferring the heat generated by the Raspberry Pi to the shell. The shell also has a built-in PCB board with a fan that can automatically adjust the temperature according to the chip temperature. 

The shell comes with an interface board, all the interfaces are accessed at the back, neat and beautiful. A power button is also added on the back, which can switch the Raspberry Pi to on/off, restart, and force shutdown operations, which is more convenient to use. 

 | Raspberry Pi status | Button action | Function
|  Power off  |  Short press  |  Power on 
|  Power on  |  Press and hold for more than three seconds  |  Soft power off or cut off the power 
|  Power on  |  Short press within three seconds  |  No function 
|  Power on  |  Double tap  |  Restart 
|  Power on  |  Press and hold for more than five seconds  |  Force shutdown 
The expansion board can redirect the audio and HDMI interfaces of the Raspberry Pi to the side of enclosure, making full use of the space and forming a square aluminum alloy overall structure. 

Each hole is highly fitted to the motherboard, and vents are reserved at the top and bottom. The fan inside the case can further solve the heat problem of the Raspberry Pi 4 and ensure that the Raspberry Pi will not overheat even during long-term use.
Note: This product does not include Raspberry Pi 4 series boards and M.2 solid state drives.
In order to ensure the safety of Raspberry Pi, it is recommended to install the shell before inserting the TF card. 

Unique square structure, precise hole design
Magnetic removable top and well-designed GPIO Header
Built-in cooling fan, heat dissipation column and vent holes, excellent cooling effect
M.2 SSD can be installed without SD card to start Raspberry Pi

Material: Aluminum

Shipping List
Aluminum Alloy Top Case (With cooling fan and GPIO expansion board) x1
Aluminum Alloy Bottom Case(With M.2 expansion board) x1
Magnetic Top Cover x1
Interface Board for Headphone Jack and HDMI Connectors x1
M.2 Adapter x1
Accessory Packet x1
Manual x1

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