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anidees Black Extra High Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Looking for a way to keep your Raspberry Pi 4 running cool and also look cool with a ton of room inside? We've got a three-birds-one-stone solution for you. The anidees Extra High Raspberry Pi 4 Case is absolutely massive with extra head-room, extra durable aluminum construction, also awfully handsome in classic Adafruit black.
Constructed from solid anodized aluminum, so it's got nice heft. And it's got tons of room for fans or HATs or sensors or GPIO cables. There's plenty of airflow via the 2mm cutout on both sides along with extra 3mm spacers for better thermal efficiency.
  • Harmonious, refined, and striking design with easy access to all inputs and outputs.
  • Materialized in aircraft-grade AL alloy A606, made by CNC milling.
  • Light smoky cover for a clean look while leaving the Raspberry Pi 4 visible.
  • Case with cutouts for GPIO / Camera / DSI display cable.
  • Noise-absorbing feet (HAFELE from Germany), UV resistant.
  • Designed with bonnets and pHats in mind
  • 2 x wood screws for wall mounting.
This enclosure is compatible only with Raspberry Pi 4 computers, and Raspberry Pi 4 is not included.

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SKU AF-5040