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When making Raspberry Pi projects or learning to use Raspberry Pi for python programming, we may often need to check its Pinout Table to find out the BCM and WiringPi code corresponding to the related GPIOs, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Now in order to solve this problem, we designed a Raspberry Pi expansion hat with detailed Pinout information.

This IO expansion hat, specially developed for Raspberry Pi, is perfectly compatible with Pi 3, Pi 4, and Pi 400. All IO ports of Raspberry Pi are led out one by one. Most importantly, the hat provides 40PIN comparison silkscreens that contain detailed BCM code and WPI code information, which saves the trouble of frequently checking pin comparison table when programming with Pi.

There are two ways to use the expansion board:

  • Directly plug in Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4
  • Connect with Raspberry Pi 400 through 40PIN double-row cable

  • Features
  • Complete and detailed pin comparison silkscreen
  • Compatible with Pi 3, Pi 4, Pi 400
  • Anti-reverse plug-in horn socket design and dedicated 40PIN double-row cable

  • Specification
  • IO Port Working Voltage: 3.3V
  • Module Size: 65*65 (mm) / 2.56*2.56 inch

  • Documents
  • Product wiki

  • Shipping List
  • IO Expansion Hat for Raspberry Pi x1
  • 40PIN Gray Double-row Cable Same Direction *10cm x1
  • Copper Column Screw Packet x1
  • The IO Expansion Hat for Raspberry Pi 3/4/400 appears in the following collections:

    SKU DF-DFR0828