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Pervasive Displays EPD Pico Development Kit

The EPD Pico Development Kit from Pervasive Displays is a cost-effective way to get into using E-ink displays. Utilizing the ultra-inexpensive Raspberry Pi Pico. The kit includes Pervasive's EPD Extension Board for an easy interface to most of their E-Ink line, a 2.66 E-Ink display, and a Raspberry Pi Pico board. Together the kit makes for an easy way to work with E-Ink displays at a more affordable price than most of the options on the market today.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • EPD Extension Board Gen 3
  • 20 Pin Bridge Cable - 15cm
  • 2.66" E Ink Display - Aurora Mb (V231)
  • Pin Mapping Label Diagram
  • Step by step easy to use by quick start guide and wiring from the pin mapping label
  • Online user guide and reference manual for exploring the rich graphic elements and unlimited possibility
  • Support the full range of our E ink displays
  • A variety of expansion options to meet your development needs and use cases

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SKU SF-LCD-19219