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The Kitronik Smart Air Quality Board for Pico provides a complete air monitoring and reporting solution for the Raspberry Pi Pico. The wealth of onboard sensors and connection points allow you to log, store and display data effectively with the Pico filesystem and an OLED screen. There are also connection points for external devices, such as analogue sensors, servos, motors, and heater pads.

The board includes a dual row of pin sockets to connect your Raspberry Pi Pico. The Pico can then read inputs from a BME688 air quality and environmental sensor (temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality index and eCO2). The sensor, along with the RTC and flash memory on the Pico means the board is well set up for data logging. There is a black and white 128x64 OLED display screen and 3 status ZIP LEDs for visually displaying data, a piezo buzzer for audio and two buttons for user input. There are also external connections: 2 1A outputs, a servo output, an extension connection for more ZIP LEDs and analogue input connections linking to the Pico ADC (various other Pico pins are broken out to 0.1” pitch solder pads as further inputs and outputs, along with pads for 3V and GND).

Power is provided via the 3xAA battery holder or the ‘POWER’ terminal block. The voltage supply is controlled using a power switch, with a green LED to indicate when the board is turned on. The Pico also produces a regulated 3V supply which is used to power the BME688 sensor and OLED display screen.

The ‘POWER’ terminal block can also be used as the connection point for a solar cell. NOTE: Please ensure the correct rechargeable batteries are fitted before charging, they should be NiMh.

Kitronik has a MicroPython module to support the use of the Smart Air Quality Board. This can be found, along with example programs and a full README document, on the Kitronik GitHub.

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