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We have ✅ 78 available of the LB-EAGLED-LED-Y in our Sydney warehouse.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
EagLED LEDs were made for e-textiles! This is a simple pack of yellow wearable leds that are still attached to one another. Simply snap the LEDs apart at your leisure to sew into clothing or whatever else you can dream up! It is made in Australia and is a lower cost e-textiles led alternative to the Lilypad LEDs.

These are the kid-sister to our popular EagLED, they only show a single colour but they're super easy to use for many projects. Simply connect power to the + pin and ground to the - pin and these LEDs will light up! You can even make them fade or twinkle by using PWM. Also available in red, white, and blue. Use conductive thread on these sewable led lights for your next wearable led projects!


  • 5x Yellow LED for E-Textiles


  • Input Voltage between 3V to 6V
  • Sew Pins
  • Dimensions: 5mm (width) x 12mm (height) x 1mm (depth)
  • CAUTION! This product is very small and easily swallowed.

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