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Start your creative DIY project with this high-quality wire pack! The pack contains several kinds of conductive materials that basically meet your common needs of wiring. It includes conductive cloth tape with excellent flexibility, double-conductor copper foil tape, temperature-resistant aluminum foil tape, conductive foam and sponge with strong shielding properties, and additional 9Ω, 50-60Ω stainless steel conductive sewing thread.


  • Conductive cloth fabric tape

    Size: width 5cm*10M

  • Conductive aluminum foil tape

    Size: width 1cm*20M

  • Conductive copper foil tape

    Size: width 6mm*length 20M

  • Conductive sponge

    Size: width 1cm*length 4cm

  • Conductive foam

    Size: width 1cm*length 1.5cm*height 2cm

  • Conductive sewing thread (9Ω)

    Size: diameter 0.45mm* length 7m

  • Conductive sewing thread (50-60Ω)

    Size: diameter 0.2mm* length 35m

  • Shipping List
  • Conductive cloth fabric tape (10m) x1
  • Conductive sponge x10
  • Conductive foam x10
  • Conductive sewing thread (9Ω) x1
  • Conductive sewing thread (50-60Ω) x1
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape (20m ) x1
  • Conductive copper foil tape (20m) x1
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