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This is a cost-effective IR laser distance sensor that features high accuracy, long-distance detection, visible IR laser, and small FOV. It offers the measuring ranges 0.05~80m for indoor use and 0.05~50m outdoor. With serial port output, it is compatible with all kinds of controller boards like Arduino. The sensor can be used in applications like UAV automatic landing, electronic scale, barn material level monitoring, etc.

Visible Infrared Laser, Small FOV

The sensor will emit infrared laser to point to an object, then there will be an IR laser dot on that object. It can measure objects of size 5x5cm within 80m when used indoors. Long-distance detection of small objects, more accurate and easier to use.

High Accuracy, Long Distance

Measuring Range 80m for using indoor, 50m outdoor. 0.05m Blind zone

Easy to Get Started

3.3~5V power supply, UART communication port, compatible with Arduino.


For different objects and operating environments, the measurement range of the sensor may be shortened or its performance may be affected due to factors like excessive intensity of ambient light, too high or too low operating temperature, rough surface of target, and too weak or strong light reflection of target object.


  • High accuracy
  • Small size
  • Long-distance measurement


  • Power Supply: DC3.3V~5V
  • Measuring Range: 0.05~50m(outdoor), 0.05~80m(indoor)
  • Accuracy(Standard Deviation): ±1.0mm
  • Laser Type: 620~690nm
  • Laser Class: Ⅱ, <1mW
  • Spot Diameter at Distance M: 6mm@10m,30mm@50m
  • Single Measurement Time: 0.05~1s
  • Protection Level: IP40
  • Operating Temperature: -10~+60℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20~+80℃
  • Weight: about 60g
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 48×42×18mm/1.89×1.65×0.71” 


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