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Cubelets Creative Constructors PLUS Pack

The quintessential Cubelets® collection just got bigger! The Creative Constructors Plus facilitates easy adoption and high-ceiling academic activities with enough Cubelets to support 6 working groups. Each group can use the Bluetooth® Hat to explore computational thinking, robotics, STEM, and design thinking through hands-on robot construction.

Designed to support six groups of learners, this pack includes includes 78 Cubelets: 12 Distance, 12 Drive, 9 Battery, 6 Brightness, 6 Blocker, 6 Flashlight, 6 Passive, 6 Rotate, 6 Inverse, 3 Threshold, 3 Knob, and 3 Bar Graph. Plus: 6 Bluetooth Hats, 12 Brick Adapters (3 sets of 4), 2 5-Port Chargers, 9 Charging Cables, and 3 Storage Tubs.

The Cubelets Creative Constructors PLUS Pack appears in the following collections:

SKU MR-855165004611