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Leds in Kits

Kits are great all-in-one bundles that make perfect gifts, holiday projects, or just as a way to get started with something. Most of our range of kits blend creativity and making with electronics and coding.


DIY USB LED Lamp Kit $820

Get it by Friday, Dec 1st

This lean-to-solder Lamp Kit allows you to create a USB light with switch.It can then be used to create your own Lamp design around it.  Take advantage of your woodworking skills, 3D design or laser cutting to make an enclosure for your ......

LED Matrix Kit

LED Matrix Kit [SF-DEV-11861]

SparkFun $2428

Do you like LED matrices? We do! Now we are giving you the power to make your own with minimal soldering any beginner can perform and give you a great introduction to programming an LED Matrix. This kit will show you how to use the MAX72......

Shiftout LED Kit

Shiftout LED Kit [DF-DFR0089]

DFRobot $1752

Get it by Friday, Dec 1st

This shiftout LED Kit includes a very simple and small LED display module. It makes it possible for you to directly connect many 7-segment led modules in a chain. So you could diy a simple timer or a clock display , and many other dev......

Punk LED Collar Kit - Red LEDs

Punk LED Collar Kit - Red LEDs [AF-1454]

Adafruit $7603

Make your own studded choker with an LED twist! This kit of parts comes with all the materials you'll need for a punk style LED collar. Ten juicy diffused red LEDs adorn a high-quality black leather collar that fits necks 12-15 inche......

LED Brightness Adjuster Kit

LED Brightness Adjuster Kit [SF-SPX-21226]

SparkFun $1320

Get it by Tuesday, Dec 12th

We've all been there; you load up your project with a bunch of LEDs, only to discover that none have the same brightnesses. Some are way too dim to see, while others require sunglasses to not be blinded! Even we have experienced this pro......

SparkFun LED Starter Kit

SparkFun LED Starter Kit [SF-KIT-13234]

SparkFun $6727

This is the SparkFun LED Starter Kit, an ultimate assortment of LEDs packed into a single red box! Now, this isn’t a box filled with only one type of LED, oh no. Inside each kit you will find over 70 multi-colored and multi-functional LE......

SparkFun LED Project Kit

SparkFun LED Project Kit [SF-KIT-19934]

SparkFun $7615

Get it by Tuesday, Dec 12th

The SparkFun LED Project Kit is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. Each SparkFun LED Project Kit includes everything you need to complete seven projects that will t......

LED Resistor Mini Kit

LED Resistor Mini Kit [LB-MINI-LED]

Little Bird $090

Get it by Friday, Dec 1st

4 Random Colour LEDs10K resistors x 51K resistor x 2220ohm resistor x 5...

LED Glasses Accessories Kit

LED Glasses Accessories Kit [AF-5234]

Adafruit $2021

Get it by Tuesday, Dec 12th

If you want to put together a complete LED Glasses kit with our Adafruit LED Glasses front panel , and Bluetooth LED Glasses Driver, you should also pick up this pack that has a perfectly-sized plastic glasses frame that can be used as a......

RGB LED Module (unassembled Kit)

RGB LED Module (unassembled Kit) [DF-DFR0124]

DFRobot $4908

This Arduino-compatible module uses three TI TLC5940 PWM LED chips to drive a 4x4 array of RGB LEDs. Each color is controlled by a different chip so you can adjust the reference resistors for the appropriate current. The TLC5940 chip......

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