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Having a broken phone or electronics device stinks, whether it's a screen going out, a cable becoming unplugged, or even build-up in the USB port. The majority of us have had it happen. For those who'd rather "DIY" it themselves, the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit is for you. What makes the iFixit line stand out from others is the quality of the tools and having the CORRECT tools. With included popular (but maybe more importantly, unpopular) driver bits and plastic shims as well as other helpful tools for when you need to remove parts carefully.

The Essential Electronics Toolkit is everything you need to get started with making basic repairs/maintenance on your personal electronics as well as a set of tools that comes in handy when working with electronics in general. Tasks such as replacing a phone or tablet screen or even a battery is fairly simple using the tools included in this kit. All the included tools have a spot in the case which features a magnetic lid with component tray and foam to hold everything in place.

The iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-TOL-15256