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This is a capacitive fingerprint sensor with fingerprint collecting, processing, storing, and comparison integrated all-in-one. Taking ID809 high-performance processor and semiconductor fingerprint sensor as the core, the sensor is equipped with built-in IDfinger6.0 fingerprint algorithms that enable it to complete all the fingerprint recognition independently. When working with our Arduino Library, the module is able to realize functions like fingerprint registration, fingerprint deletion, etc. Also, we offer upper computer software to help users conveniently operate this sensor.

This fingerprint sensor comes with round breathing LEDs and has a simple structure, small size, and delicate appearance. The sensor offers fast recognition speed and high security.

Compared with SEN0348 Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor/Scanner, this module adopts Gravity interfaces that make it easier to connect. In addition, it is 3.3V and 5V compliant and supports I2C communication, which is very suitable for working with controllers like UNO, micro: bit, and so on.


  • 360-degree fingerprint entry and matching
  • Self-learning function
  • CNC metal ring, plus aperture


  • Fingerprint door-lock
  • Drawer Lock
  • Identity Recognition
  • Authorization


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • Operating Current: <60mA
  • Communication: I2C
  • Storage Capacity: 80 fingerprints 
  • 1:1 verification time: 300~400ms
  • Pixel Resolution: 508dpi
  • Number of Pixels: 160x160
  • Fingerprint Detection Area: 8.0mm x 8.0mm
  • Working Environment: ‐40‐60℃/
  • Dimension: diameter 21mm/height 5mm
  • Adapter Dimension: 22.5*32mm/0.89*1.26”


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