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Adding distance awareness to your robot or incorporating a low-altitude sensor to your drone is straightforward with this commonly utilised method. Below are the specifications and operational details:

- Power Supply: 5V DC
- Idle Current: Less than 2mA
- Effective Angle: Less than 15°
- Measurement Range: 2cm to 500cm
- Resolution: 1cm
- Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz

Operational Summary:
At the beginning of a cycle (time 0), a brief ultrasonic pulse is emitted, which then bounces off an object and returns to the sensor. The sensor captures this echo and converts it into an electrical signal. The subsequent pulse is sent out once the echo from the previous pulse has dissipated. This duration is termed as the cycle period, and it's advisable to have a cycle period of at least 50ms to ensure accurate readings.

When a trigger pulse of 10μs width is sent to the signal pin, the ultrasonic module will emit eight 40kHz ultrasonic signals and await the echo. The distance between the sensor and the object is directly related to the duration of the echo pulse, which can be computed using the provided formula. In case no object is detected, the output pin will deliver a high-level signal for 38ms..

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04

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