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We have ✅ 92 available of the LB-LR0040 in our Sydney warehouse.

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This soil moisture sensor has both an analog and an adjustable digital output making it suitable for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Operating voltage: 3.3V~5V.
Adjustable sensitivity (potentiometer adjustment)
Dual output mode,analog output more accurate.
With power indicator (red) and digital output LED (green).
LM393 comparator chip for digital output.
Panel PCB Dimension: 3cm x 1.5cm.
Soil Probe Dimension: 6cm x 2cm.
Cable Length: 21cm.

VCC: 3.3V-5V.
DO: digital output interface, boolean.
AO: analog output interface. 0 - VCC (3.3v-5v)

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