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Ring Inductive Proximity Sensor (22mm Hole Diameter)

These Inductive Ring Proximity sensors are designed to detect metal objects entering or passing through the ring. They operate on a 6-36V power supply and offer NPN output. The sensor features less than 1ms response time, high accuracy and stable performance, which could work well even in the detection of fast-moving small metal objects. It comes with onboard LED for indicating detection status(light up when metal object detected) and sensitivity adjustment knob(clockwise rotation to increase sensitivity). The sensor is sealed in a rugged and anti-rust house that is made of brass nickel-plated flame-retardant material. Moreover, they support a protection degree of IP66 and can withstand a temperature of -25°C~65°C, which are able to meet your requirements both indoor and outdoor regardless of the weather.

They are ideal for sensing small metal parts such as screws, washers, nuts, or monitoring wire breakages and jams.

  • Voltage: 6-36V
  • Hole Diameter: 22mm
  • Current: 300mA
  • Detection Distance:10mm
  • Output: NPN (normally-open)
  • Detectable Object: metal
  • Wire Length: about 2m
  • Sensing Type: inductive
  • Level Signal: High/Low level
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -25°C~65°C, 35-95%HR
  • Switch Frequency: 300Hz
  • Dimension: 68mm*39mm*20mm/2.68*1.54*0.79inch

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