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We have ✅ 76 available of the LB-CTCTHINK in our Sydney warehouse.

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Perfect for both classroom undertakings and those new to Arduino! Designed to seamlessly plug into any standard Arduino or compatible board, this shield serves as an excellent tool.

Originally conceived for workshops catering to a diverse audience including youngsters, families, adults, educators, professionals, and individuals with disabilities, this shield boasts an array of features:

  • Six vibrant green LEDs primed for output tasks
  • A piezo sound component for generating tones
  • A responsive button for digital input
  • An analog input capability through a light sensor
  • Precise analog input facilitated by a knob
  • Four dedicated digital input connections
  • Four distinct analog input connections
  • Comprehensive static protection across all inputs
  • Extensive breakout connections along the edge for easy attachment of alligator-clip jumper wires
  • Supplemented by comprehensive classroom documentation, conveniently accessible in PDF format.

Experience the convenience and versatility of this shield as you delve into classroom projects and embark on your Arduino journey, whether you're a novice or an expert!

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