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Joystick HAT is one of the HAT module that is specifically designed for M5StickC. We have used an STM32F030F4 microprocessor inside to implement I2C communication with M5StickC.

This mini-volume joystick module supports full angular movement and center press and outputs angular data as well as button digital signals.

With the 'HAT' unified plug-in design it can provide a reliable connection, in the most streamlined way. which allows getting more HMI experience.

Product Features

  • STM32F030F4 inside
  • communication protocol: I2C (address: 0x38)
  • support Omni-directional movement/button press

Weight & Dimension

  • Dimension:24mm x 30mm x 17mm
  • Weight:3g

Package Includes

  • 1x Joystick HAT


  • Game Handle
  • Wireless Joystick Device



Pin Map

M5StickC GPIO0 GPIO26 3.3V GND
Joystick HAT SDA SCL 3.3V GND

The M5StickC Joystick HAT appears in the following collections:

SKU M5-U073