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2.54mm 0.1" Pitch 9-pin Jumper Cable - 20cm long

These jumper cables are exactly what you need to connect common 0.1" header devices together. Sure you can tape together individual 1x1 header jumpers, but why not do it right? Use with perf-board, breadboards, breakouts, and more. You'll have a solid cable for quickly connecting any 2.54mm / 0.1" boards.

Sometimes these connectors are called "Berg" or "Dupont" or "Molex" - they're quite generic!

This cable is just the right length: 20cm or about 8 inches. Note that they don't have a latch or key so there's nothing stopping folks from flipping these around.

Colors on the cable you receive may differ from store photographs. The color scheme is not guaranteed.

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SKU AF-4940