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Can we find a more concise, more colorfully illustrated handbook than Make: Easy Electronics by Charles Platt? Doubtful. We carry a number of his more advanced guidebooks, but this 50-page volume really simplifies the building blocks of maker fundamentals. The illustrations are amazing, and make it a really fun read.

Get acquainted with the basics of electronics in one fun afternoon! No tools required. Each chapter is designed as a simple experiment, so you will have a solid understanding of the ABCs of amperes, breadboards, capacitors, and more!


  • Experiment 1 - Power and Light
  • Experiment 2 - Switching
  • Experiment 3 - Revealing Resistance
  • Experiment 4 - Try a Transistor
  • Experiment 5 - Lighting an LED
  • Experiment 6 - Seeing Light
  • Experiment 7 - Comprehending Capacitors
  • Experiment 8 - A Simple Chip
  • Experiment 9 - Sound From a Transducer
  • Experiment 10 - Touch Control
  • Experiment 11 - A Beeping Box

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