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This is a ToF-based single-point laser ranging sensor for outdoor use. It has 100K LUX resistance to strong ambient light, which means there will be no problems at all when using it on sunny days.
With a detection range of 5cm~15m, the product features distance resolution 1mm, 50Hz data update frequency, 1~2° FOV, and supports UART, I2C, and I/O multiple communication modes(support active and query output data in UART mode). 
Small in size, there are standard screw holes reserved on the side and bottom of the module, which is convenient for installation in various places. It can be widely used in the fields of drone height setting, route planning, smart car competition and transportation, industrial automation, high-speed measurement, safety monitoring, etc.

100K LUX resistance to strong ambient light
Supports UART, I2C, and I/O multiple communication modes 
Convenient for installation 

Drone height setting
Route planning
Smart car competition and transportation
Industrial automation
High-speed measurement and safety monitoring 

Measuring Range: 5cm~15m
Measurement Resolution: 1mm
Ranging Accuracy: [0. 05m, 2m]±2cm, std<0. 5cm; (2m, 15m]±2%, std<8cm
Field of View (FOV): 1~2°
Output Mode: UART, I2C, I/O (support active and query output in UART mode)
Refresh Rate: 50Hz
I2C Default Slave Address: 0x08
Wavelength: 750~830nm
Anti-Ambient Light: 100K Lux
Power Supply Voltage: 3.7~5.2V, reverse connection protection
Power Consumption: 610mW
Working Temperature: -10~60°C
Size: 22.7*28*13.6mm / 0.89*1.10*0.54 inch
Weight: 7.7g 


Shipping List
Outdoor Laser Ranging Module(15m) x1
GH1.25 4P Adapter Cable x1
Screws x2

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