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Gravity: I2C LIS331HH Triple Axis Accelerometer Sensor (±6g/±12g/±24g)

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The LIS331HH is a high-performance 3-axis linear accelerometer with an ultra-low power consumption of 10uA. It offers user-selectable scales of ±6g/±12g/±24g and is capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 0.5Hz to 1KHz. The sensor is applicable to fields like navigation, smart agriculture, robotics, VR/AR, etc.

Connection Diagram

Selectable scales: ±6g/±12g/±24g
16-bit data output
Change I2C address by the toggle switch 
Easy-to-use Gravity interface, no need to solder 

Free-fall detection
Motion-activated functions
Gaming and virtual reality input devices

Operating Voltage: 3.3V~5V
Operating Current: 10uA(low power mode)/0.3mA(Normal mode)
Interface: Gravity-I2C 
I2C Address: 0x19 (Default)/0x18 (Optional) 
Selectable Scale: ±6g/±12g/±24g
Frequency: 0.5Hz~1KHz
16-bit Data Output
Operating Temperature: -40°C~+85°C
10000g High Shock Survivability
ECOPACK, RoHS and “Green” compliant
Module Size: 27*27mm/1.06*1.06”
Mounting Hole Size: inner diameter 3mm/outer diameter 6mm 


Shipping List
Gravity: I2C LIS331HH Triple Axis Accelerometer Sensor x1
Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor Connector x1

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