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The GP-1818MK is a low-cost - high performance GPS module with built in antenna. It can provide position, velocity, and accurate timing through the standard NMEA-0183 protocol. Being low power and compact in design, the GP-1818MK is perfect for basic tracking and positioning, especially with respect to battery powered systems.
This is the recommended replacement for those using the 20U7 Module. There should be minimal changes needed to move from that module to the GP-1818MK. The module comes terminated with a 3-pin connector similar to that on the 20U7 Module. It features the same 56-channel, low power capabilities as well.
  • Build on high performance GPS single chip MT3337
  • High Sensitivity -165 dBm
  • Low power consumption: Max 55mA @ 3.3V
  • Integrated LNA with low-gain mode for active antenna option
  • 66 channels in Search mode and 33 channels "All-in-View" tracking
  • Up to 60,000 simultaneous search windows for fast TTFF and high sensitivity acquisitions
  • Average cold start time under 29seconds (open sky)
  • Support standard NMEA-0183 protocol
  • Patch Antenna Size: 18mm W X 18mm D X 7mm H
  • RoHS compliant (Lead-free)

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