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Fermion: ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module (Breakout)

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The ICG-20660L is a high-precision 6-axis IMU module that integrates a 3-axis accelerometer(±2/4/8/16g), a 3-axis gyroscope(±125/250/500dps), and on-chip 16-bit ADCs.

With up to ±1% initial sensitivity and low noise(6.5mdps/√Hz), it is very suitable for anti-shaking applications.

The 6-axis motion sensor includes 512-byte FIFO to reduce traffic on the serial bus interface. Also, it features functions like programmable interrupts, and FSYNC (frame synchronization), which can be used with other image/video capture devices to build up OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)/ EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) projects.

Additionally, the small size of the sensor makes it more flexible for various scenarios.

Connections: I2C 0x69(Default)/ 0x68

  • High Precision
  • Low Noise

  • Applications
  • Digital Camera/Phone Camera
  • Anti-shaking applications
  • Enhanced Virtual Reality Equipment

  • Specification
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Current Consumption: 140uA (sleep mode)/ 520uA (Accelerometer mode only)/ 4.27mA (Gyro mode only)/ 4.9mA (accelerometer and gyro mode)
  • Initial Sensitivity: accelerometer ±1%; gyro ±1%
  • Non-linear Sensitivity: accelerometer ±0.5%, gyro ±0.1%
  • Interface: I2C/SPI (7MHz)
  • Selectable Scale: ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g
  • Gyroscope Range: ±125/±250/±500dps
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40~85°C
  • Dimension: 22x15mm/ 0.87x0.59"

  • Documents
  • Product wiki
  • Schematic
  • Dimension
  • Datasheet

  • Shipping List
  • Fermion ICG 20660L Accel+Gyro 6-Axis IMU Module Breakout x1
  • 2.54mm Single Row Pin Header Black-8P x1
  • 2.54mm Single Row Pin Header Black-4P x1
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