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This flexible LED filament Chip comes with a diameter of 2mm and a length of 260mm. The small round hole end is the positive electrode, and the non-porous end is the negative electrode. The filament is flexible and can be bent and folded at will. With a 3V power supply, it emits light 360 degrees. They can be used for DIY lighting decoration, DIY bulb ball, 360° full-angle light-emitting lamps, etc.



  • 3V power supply, high brightness, suitable for DIY
  • Small size, separate negative and positive electrodes
  • Flex LED filament chip, can be bent and folded at will

  • Specification
  • Length: 260mm/10.24”
  • Supply Voltage: 3V
  • Operating Current: 80mA

  • Shipping List
  • 3V 260mm Flexible LED Filament Chip (Pink) x5
  • The 3V 260mm Flexible LED Filament Chip (Pink) appears in the following collections:

    SKU DF-FIT0811