By popular demand, we now have a handy extension cord for all of our JST-terminated battery packs (such as our LiIon/LiPoly and 3xAAA holders). One end has a JST-PH socket, and the other end has a matching plug. Between the two, 500mm of color coded wire. Handy for wearable projects where you may want the battery pack far from your Flora but useful in many other situations where you need a little more space.

JST-PH Battery Extension Cable - 500mm (1:11)

Location-aware outerwear
Make your clothes play a song
Deep sea stitching with FLORA
Introducing Adafruit's mini wearable microcontroller
Itsy bitsy electronic jewelry!
Inspired by Iron Man's Arc Reactor!
The ultimate serial Bluetooth link & wireless Arduino programmer
Make a flexible motion-activated LED arm/wrist band.
Turn a 24x NeoPixel ring into a light for a DSLR camera
3D printed NinjaFlex Electronic Fashion
Turn almost anything into a speaker with a bone conductor transducer.
Pump some decent decibels with this tiny amp & speakers!
Turn our USB lipo charger into a wearable project that would make your cat jealous.
3D Print a flexible armband for miniPOV4
Fire up that next gig or party fire horns!
Make your own Adabot Toy!
Turn your Iris into a safe flying UFO
Add blinky to your bling!
The best enclosure for a Raspberry Pi!
Upgrade your ride with lots, and lots of NeoPixels!
Build a wearable LED Helmet!
3D Printing, LED and sensors equals ray blaster!
Become your favorite video game character with 3d printing and diy electronics
Print your things for your halloween costumes!
All about our great new audio trigger board
Shoot powerful LED lights, from your chest!
Canine costume fun
Bullets of pure love
DIY monitor for DSLR cameras or any HDMI device!
All-sewn slide-sensor circuit
Make a vampire happy with this cameo-meets-OLED-screen.
Illuminate your braaaaaaiiiiin
A single servo, a little math…let the wild rumpus start!
Light up your mailbox and get notified when your products arrive!
Slim and portable!
Thin and light, just like a...
Bluetooth controlled winter wonderland
Build a Daft Punk Thomas Helmet with bluetooth control!
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Master the legacy weapon of the Covenant!
This is some serious cosplay tech. Throw it down.
Build a real communicator with FONA feather!
It Spins and Lights Up
Sit up straight, or Circuit Playground will let you know!
Part 3: Permanent circuit, 3D printing, and final assembly
3D Print a NeoPixel Bracelet!
Shades you can turn on and off!
How to make a slide switch JST-PH adapter!
A Multipurpose Enclosure for Adafruit Feather
Attach an LED in the palm of your hand!
Elegant, easy to make and full of Mermaid style


SKU AF-1131
Brand Adafruit

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