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Raspberry Pi
TrinityPixel LED Strips and Raspberry Pi

Starter guide on using the TrinityPixel LED strips for Raspberry Pi

Shift Register with Arduino

Learn to use a shift register with 8 LEDs and an Arduino

Raspberry Pi
Create a NOOBS MicroSD Card

Learn to format your microSD card and get NOOBS on it

Automatic Plant Watering with Arduino

Learn to set up an automatic plant watering system with the Arduino

Infrared Transmitter with Arduino

Create an Arduino IR Remote

Flame Sensor with Arduino

Keep an eye on a candle you have burning or a fireplace!

Raspberry Pi
Getting Started With the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Set up the Raspberry Pi 3B+

Meet the Arduino IDE

Installing and running the Arduino Software

Raspberry Pi
Enabling SSH

How to turn on SSH on your Raspberry Pi

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