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littleBits Crawly Creature Hall of Fame Kit

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With the Crawly Creature Hall of Fame Kit, kids can create their own creeping, crawling, electronic pet. The hero invention is the Crawly Creature, which uses a servo motor to inch across the floor like a caterpillar. Kids can then remix the electronic building blocks in the kit to create a second invention: the Moving Collage. This interactive poster empowers kids to get silly and creative, using craft materials and magazine cut-outs to make a memorable piece of art. Once kids create the inventions in the box, it’s time to use their imaginations, combining all their Bits & kits to create brand-new inventions. Bits, accessories, and instructions included.


  • Kits come with 4 Bits, 4-6 accessories, and paper templates needed to create inventions.
  • Step-by-step instructions for 2 inventions (the Crawly Creature and the Moving Collage) are available online or in the littleBits Invent app for iOS users.
  • Bits can be reconfigured to create new inventions not included in the box.
  • All Bits work together, so you can collect and combine the other Bits and kits to create bigger, better inventions.
  • Hall-of-Fame Kit Inventions are simple and fun, ensuring all kids will feel confident inventing.

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SKU LW-LB-680-0013