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This is an ex-demo unit.  

Make your own laptop. Build the screen battery USB ports speaker sound sensor and more. Learn to code with 100+ playful projects. Make art music apps exclusive voice and sound projects. Dont just play Minecraft hack it to do something new. Perfect for beginners expansive for experts. Endless play with a creative community.

  • Everything you need in one box. Step-by-step book 10.1 HD screen Raspberry Pi 3 battery DIY speaker wireless keyboard case and stand memory 3 USB ports HDMI and power cables sound sensor stickers Kanos unique operating system 100+ coding challenges and 100+ apps.  Note - this is NOT the touch screen version
  • Learn to code with 100+ creative challenges and stories. Make art music apps games and more. Dont just play Minecraft hack it.
  • Browse the internet use your favorite apps like YouTube Whatsapp Google Docs Maps Codecademy Wikipedia and more.
  • Endless play with Kano World – our free creative community. Make share and play with people in 86 countries.

The Kano Computer Kit - ex demo appears in the following collections: