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We live in a world where technology is everywhere and in everything. Terms like Internet of things (IoT) are becoming common vocabulary. How do we move from interaction to interfacing? The Arduino Robot Course builds on the basic concepts offered in the Little Bird Electronics Introduction to Arduino Workshops and draws on the advanced concepts of interfacing with sensors and motors, data logging and “Internetifying” your projects.

The Arduino Robot Course has been specifically designed based on feedback from you our community and would suit engineers, scientists, hackers and makers that are interested in building robots, remote controlled vehicles and cybernetic lifeform sent from the future, TODAY!

Where is the workshop?

  • Sydney - Seminar Room, Australian Technology Park 4 Cornwallis Street Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia

When is the Workshop?

  • Sydney - 10.00am – 4:00pm, Saturday, 20th Febuary 2016

What you will learn?

  • Learn about sensors and telemetry
  • Skills necessary to interface, program and drive a robot from the internet
  • Soldering, the art of welding your projects together
  • Enhance your programming skills, advanced concepts in C and HTML
  • The importance of calibrating sensors

Who is this for?

  • The Little Bird Robot Workshop builds on the base knowledge and concepts introduction to Arduino Workshop.
  • More experienced tinkerers may find the information in this course beneficial as it will build and enhance your knowledge.
  • Engineers, scientists, makers and hackers that want to build robots!

What will you take away?

  • Your very own Little Bird Robot and Sensors Kit including all sensors covered in the course and practice guides.
  • Soldering Skills → earn your skill badge!
  • The robot covered in the workshop.
  • The advanced skills and knowledge to enable you design, develop and build your robot Army.

 Workshop Outline

  • Morning 

    • Introduction 
    • Interfacing with sensors 
    • Wheels, motors and motion 
  • Afternoon

    • Data logging 
    • Internet your robot 
    • Where to go from here

About your awesome instructor!

This workshop is being ran by Nick Owen who is an research and development engineer and university research student. Nick has worked in many positions that include mectatronics engineer, telecommunications calibration engineer and as an electronics technician for the Royal Australian Navy.

In his spare time Nick support Engineers without Borders Australia.  


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