These nice switches are perfect for use with breadboard and perfboard projects. They have 0.1" spacing and snap in nicely into a solderless breadboard. They're easy to switch no matter what size fingers you have, but not so easy that they'll get flipped by accident. Work great as on/off switches or selector switches, the middle pin is connected to either the left or right pin depending on which way the slider is pushed.

Weight: .33g


Build a large LED Thermometer / Clock using a Raspberry Pi
Build a Fabulous LED Hair Dress
Cut the cord and build your own wireless bluetooth game pad!
Design and 3D Print a custom tree topper
Build a sound reactive LED microphone flag
Make a flexible motion-activated LED arm/wrist band.
Turn a 24x NeoPixel ring into a light for a DSLR camera
Make your own adorable BMO with a mini 8x8 LED Matrix and Gemma.
3D printed NinjaFlex Electronic Fashion
Turn almost anything into a speaker with a bone conductor transducer.
Pump some decent decibels with this tiny amp & speakers!
Make a low-budget, thermal camera for scientific analysis, or just some awesome cosplay.
3D Print a flexible armband for miniPOV4
Fire up that next gig or party fire horns!
Make your own Adabot Toy!
Turn your Iris into a safe flying UFO
Your all-in-one Lipoly Charger+Booster solution for on-the-go projects
Add blinky to your bling!
The best enclosure for a Raspberry Pi!
Upgrade your ride with lots, and lots of NeoPixels!
Gel nail polish at home!
The smallest, and cutest Mac Classic inspired project
Build a wearable LED Helmet!
3D Printing, LED and sensors equals ray blaster!
Become your favorite video game character with 3d printing and diy electronics
Add a rechargeable battery to your Pro Trinket
Print your things for your halloween costumes!
All about our great new audio trigger board
It's like a screen saver for your heart <3
The peaceful background of your favorite game, now for you to wear
It’s got lasers, EL wire and of course, NeoPixel LEDs.
Canine costume fun
Jump around, jump up and get down!
The poor man's Daft Punk Helmet
Wear your Dr. Who
Portable solar charger
DIY monitor for DSLR cameras or any HDMI device!
DIY Raspberry Pi Game Console Portable with 5" HDMI Screen
A blackhole in your pocket :)
New Years Glasses with NeoPixel Rings
Mobile wireless Raspberry Pi
Make your own custom wireless gamepad!
Upgrade your Sega Game Gear with a Raspberry Pi and 3.5 inch TFT display!
Push a button, it plays a sound!
Retropie in your pocket!
A powerful rechargeable battery pack with load-share
Hack your existing charger and build your own portable charger
Glow like a firefly, sting like a bee
Build a tiny handheld raspberry pi portable computer
Make a portable Raspberry Pi
High tech, all-season, water- and playa-resistant poi that you can build and customize yourself!
Build a battery powered raspberry pi, camera, or general computer monitor
“Greetings, adventurer!”
Boost your cell phone or mobile device with this 3-D printed battery and charger
Slim case for a portable touch Pi!
Build a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater!
Animate your headphones with NeoPixels!
Make this sound reactive NeoPixel LED peace pendant and help radiate some love!!
Make a portable Raspberry Pi 2 game console
Master the legacy weapon of the Covenant!
Modern upgrade to a classic maker project
Because I Like Lamp!
Need a friend or a workbench buddy for long hacking sessions? Build one that responds to your interactions, sings, and shows emotion!
Portable RetroPi with the smallest Pi yet
Turn on your heart light!
Build a real communicator with FONA feather!
3D Print a tiny FPV monitor!
What's the weather like?
Revive your dead phone!
It Spins and Lights Up
Light up the night with a glowing chair!
For when you don't want to go bump in the night
3D Print This Adorable Retro-puter
Build a Weather Station with ESP8266
Make a custom wireless gamepad with Cherry MX Switches!
3D Print a NeoPixel Bracelet!
It's so tiny! Say Cheese!
3D Print a Selfie LED Ring Light!
Find out how fast your toy car is.
A Magic Wand responds to movment to cast spells
Shades you can turn on and off!
Create ancient magic with modern science
How to make a slide switch JST-PH adapter!
A Multipurpose Enclosure for Adafruit Feather
Attach an LED in the palm of your hand!
Astound people with a mystery box that will reveal secrets hidden behind its transforming panels!
Build this powerful RF Feather-based controller to wirelessly trigger props, lights, effects, and more!
Control room lighting & sound with the beat of your heart.
Headlights for skateboard or longboard!
3D Print a Portabile Mini PC
3D Print Case for 5in Display
Elegant, easy to make and full of Mermaid style


SKU AF-805
Brand Adafruit

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